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Digital Marketing Professional

Duration: 30 Hrs
Modules: 08

In this modern era, each individual try to strive for opportunities and growths in a competitive environment Digital marketing professional certificate course reflects the growing importance of digital landscapes and it also provides students with tools and expertise needed to navigate the vast online world effectively. . Course is designed to teach you through hands-on training. Which means students will be practicing on the real scenarios of each and every small topic. Learn in depth about all the aspects that comes under Digital marketing from basics to analytics skills that are required to be a pro.

Supply Chain Management

Duration: 30 Hrs
Modules: 09

In the course, we learn how to make things work better and faster, using new technologies like computers and data analysis. It also shows us how to deal with problems and risks, like when things go wrong with suppliers or if there's a natural disaster. Completing this course makes us better at our jobs, helping us move ahead in our careers. Overall, this course is like a guide for making good decisions and being successful in the business world.

Advanced Excel with Analytics

Duration: 45 Hrs
Modules: 10

Master all the capabilities of Excel from ground zero. Become pro in managing and analyzing data with Excel skill. Excel is necessary skill which many organizations’ looks out for. Learn from the Industry experts with in hands on practical based training with practice worksheets and projects to work on

The Art of Innovative Marketing

Duration: 20 Hrs
Modules: 10

Marketing is all about the innovation and creativity that each individual go through different unique marketing campaigns. Studying the entire aspects of Art of Innovative Marketing will boosts the knowledge of the students to adapt the evolving marketing landscapes. This course empowers individuals to become marketing innovators enabling to contribute innovative ideas and strategies to the organization they work for.

Startup & Entrepreneurship

Duration: 30 Hrs
Modules: 09

In this course, through a blend of theoretical foundations and practical insights, students will hone strategic planning skills, learn the art of crafting a compelling business vision, and foster creativity and innovation. The course fosters a culture of innovation through creative problem-solving activities; ensuring graduates are well-prepared to navigate the dynamic landscape of entrepreneurship.

Human resource Management

Duration: 30 Hrs
Modules: 07

The Human Resource Management course is a comprehensive exploration of the principles, practices, and strategic considerations in managing an organization's most valuable asset—its people. Covering topics ranging from recruitment and employee relations to performance management and strategic HR planning, this course equips participants with the skills to navigate the dynamic landscape of human resources. Through a combination of theoretical insights and practical case studies, students gain a deep understanding of the role of HR in fostering organizational success. With a focus on contemporary issues and emerging trends in HR.